The range of services offered Daugherty Tegarden + Partners is extensive, and includes marketing plans and strategies, design/layout and creative services, web design and associated SEO and SEM strategies, permission-based email strategies, social networking, trade show design, point of purchase design, packaging, media planning, facility design and, along with all of the design and strategic work – implementation. Daugherty Tegarden + Partners knows how to put a plan into action and see it through to the finish, providing clients with the appropriate metrics all along the way.

Strategic Positioning

Daugherty Tegarden + Partners operate as a powerful “add-on” to companies of varying sizes, either in the capacity of working with an internal group to synthesize growth strategies or as an independent provider of strategy. We fully understand synchronizing marketing needs with a marketing budget.


We have created corporate identity packages, corporate signage, and coordinated graphic standards for leading companies throughout the greater Midwest. In our world, the corporate socks always match the corporate tie – and the napkins better, too!


We utilize the most powerful new tools to design and implement assisted and automated electronic send programs that have high levels of behind the scenes complexity built into them. We don’t bother our clients with the complexity issues, they just appreciate knowing the job is getting done.

Product Artistry

We have created striking packaging for products as diverse as frozen turkey entrées to sophisticated salon products to laptop batteries. We keep a keen eye on the latest colors, shapes and packaging trends, and aren’t afraid to lead a trend.

Standing Ovations

We know that if you go to a trade show or an exposition, you want to be noticed – and remembered. To that end, we design remarkable displays, many of which are very simple on the set-up end, which is often a key selling point.

Brand Spaces

We have designed some of the most delightful public gathering places in the country. We used to think it was just because Don hung out in bars his whole life – but then we realized, “hey, this guy’s pretty good at it!” We bridge the gap between what a client wants from an architect and what they expect of a builder.


We have designed effective recognition programs for companies wanting to obtain maximum performance from their personnel. We have also orchestrated national sales meetings - complete will all the trimmings.

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