Daugherty Tegarden + Partners is more diverse than an advertising agency and more exciting than a marketing company. We are masters of the traditional communication arts and new media. We offer marketing plans and strategies, design/layout and creative services, web design and search strategies, email strategies, social networking, trade show design, point of purchase design, packaging, media planning, facility design – and implementation. We know how to put a plan into action and see it through to the finish.

For the past 27 years, we have helped business owners and operators polish businesses and return them to former levels of performance. We have also taken entrepreneur’s new ideas and helped kick-start great businesses. How do we consistently produce results? “It all starts with the oldest, most forgotten technique in business,” says Scott. “We listen. We devour available research. We talk to the people on the front lines. Then we get very clear in our follow-up interrogation. We listen again, and then we create.”

Our work is often an integrated mix in which a strong design and message is spread across a variety of platforms. We study how today’s business person and consumer collect data and form opinions and we incorporate social networking components into our marketing programs. If a magic bullet existed, there would be no need for agencies. The magic is keeping our clients in the middle of the picture – neither a frame ahead nor a frame behind.

Although we are headquartered in Indianapolis, we are equally adept at working locally or anywhere our clients need us to be.
We travel easily and will work remote.

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